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Years of shenanigans have led Rhode Islanders to have many reasons to be cynical. It’s time to restore faith and confidence in RI government, and the Inspector General is a big part of it.

Allan believes that our government should be held accountable for every taxpayer dollar spent. As Governor, Allan will work to eliminate fraud, waste and corruption by creating an Office of the Inspector General which will be responsible for conducting investigations into agencies in the executive branch. This office will also provide recommendations, conduct policy analysis, and provide training to the agencies that need it.

Next, in a twist on the old saying, if no one changes, then nothing changes. It’s hard to innovate and capitalize on our creative state when we have the same individuals in the same positions on Smith Hill for twenty or thirty years. Allan will be proposing Term Limits for the Legislature much like we have in Cranston.  An individual can serve up to a maximum of five consecutive two-year terms (10 years) in any one elected office. It’s great to have new faces and new ideas in new capacities, making RI stronger.

It’s also time to end the studying and other delay tactics, and finally give the Governor the Line Item Veto authority. It’s worked for Cranston, it will judiciously improve legislation. It’s a strong measure that will hold elected leaders accountable for every taxpayer dollar spent, and Rhode Islanders deserve it.


Allan wants to give able-bodied adults who have fallen upon some hard times a hand up because Rhode Island is better when we put everyone’s talents to good use.

That’s why Allan will be proposing stronger work requirements for the RI works program, or as many people know it, welfare. Currently, “job searching” counts as meeting the 20-hour a week requirement.

Under the Fung administration, Allan will strengthen the requirements so that any able-bodied adult, aged 18-59, will be required to either work, be enrolled in a job training program, or perform community service at least 20 hours a week to receive welfare benefits. Exemptions would be proposed for anyone with a chronically ill child, a parent with a dependent child under the age of 5, or those with acute medical issues.

But, it Allan’s top priority is to fix the disastrous UHIP system that Raimondo has repeatedly failed to address. Allan wants to protect funds for financially fragile households, but he also want to prevent abuse of welfare programs. He’ll be implementing a policy to use a Photo ID for EBT cards, closely following the Massachusetts model. This common-sense reform is long overdue and is being embraced by many states nationwide after Federal clarifications in 2016.


Political leaders & their committees shouldn’t get special treatment. 

Allan believes that everyone should be held accountable for their actions! As of March 2018, elected officials, candidates, and political committees owe over 3.6 MILLION dollars in fines to the people of Rhode Island for overdue reports. Eight individuals owe more than $100,000 each.

In order to hold our elected officials accountable, Allan will work to make sure that anyone who has outstanding Board of Election fines, cannot appear on the ballot again until they are paid, or have entered into a payment plan with the Board.

As Mayor of Cranston, Allan has been very vocal about his frustration with the emergency ballot abuses. As Governor, he’ll work to make sure that all voters absolutely must show photo identification when coming to City Hall to fill out an emergency ballot. If it’s a requirement on Election Day, it should be a requirement any other day of the year.

It takes someone from outside the Marble Dome to shake things up and right the ship here in Rhode Island, and that’s why I want to be your next Governor!