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(Johnston) – Earlier this week, the Cranston Police arrested a man during a narcotics investigation who presented police with forged documents identifying himself as Orlando Gonzalez Soto. Upon doing a background check, the documents came back false and the man’s fingerprints were put through the federal system and biometrics who identified him as Helpis Delacruz.

Delacruz had previously been deported by federal officials in 1998 back to the Dominican Republic on a felony cocaine possession.

“Because we’ve signed the agreement to cooperate with federal officials when we find a criminal in our jurisdiction here illegally, Mr. Delacruz will not be terrorizing the streets of Cranston any further.  Our officers were in constant contact with federal officials, and after his processing and arraignment in District Court, they were waiting for him and took him into their custody,” said Mayor Allan Fung.

Under a Fung administration, Rhode Island will not become a sanctuary state. Mayor Fung will make sure the state police and department of corrections cooperate fully with federal officials. Also, he reaffirmed his pledge to not give driver licenses to those here illegally.

“In the last debate, the Governor blamed the federal officials for not sitting around in the parking lot all day waiting for Mr. DeLosSantos – another criminal who went on to become a drug kingpin in this state after being let back out on the streets.  When she said that, I got three different calls from people at the State Police and corrections saying that’s not what’s supposed to happen and that her scheme was actually dangerous.  The Feds do not want to have to “guess” who is walking out and perhaps have to try and detain someone in a situation where the family might be waiting as well and further conflicts arise.  That’s not cooperation, and that’s not putting the safety of Rhode Islanders first.  That’s putting politics first,” said Mayor Fung.

If a city refuses to cooperate with federal authorities and lose federal funds, Mayor Fung will freeze current state aid to their municipalities, not their schools, only the city side.

“My goal here isn’t politics, it’s making our families in Rhode Island safer,” said Mayor Fung.