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(Cranston) – For too long, Rhode Islanders have had to suffer through long lines and endless aggravation when dealing with the Department of Motor Vehicles. No Rhode Islander should have to take half of a day out of work just to get something done at the DMV.

“Here at the DMV, despite the integration of a new computer system – RIMS – the average wait time still exceeds 2 hours,” said Mayor Fung. “I have heard stories of people waiting hours for a simple address change, that is not right.” 

Once elected, Allan Fung will make changes to the DMV that will add safety to locations and streamline services to ensure no one has to use vacation days for simple transactions.

Mayor Fung will stagger the work hours to offer early morning and evening hours across all branches. Depending on the day, a branch would open at 7 AM, while another day it may be open later until 8 PM. He would also have the Cranston branch open on Saturday mornings to offer more flexibility for anyone needing to go to the DMV.

Secondly, Mayor Fung would offer a reservation service for individual transactions. When the DMV switched to the RIMS, the reservation system worked very well. However, it was never followed through with and went by the wayside. Now it is only being used is for adjudications services. If the resources are there, it is important that we use them to their fullest abilities. 

Mayor Fung will team up with cities and towns to start a trial to renew registration and license renewals through their tax and/or clerk offices. The DMV will provide the computer hardware systems and training, and the state will provide a revenue share for those cities that choose to participate. The trial would not be mandatory.

Security at our branches right now is currently lacking. Mayor Fung will add armed officers to all branches to be a preventative first step in preventing a disaster. There have also been complaints that some branches lack a viable second exist. Office redesigns may need to occur to fit modern active shooter plans and protocols.      

“Rhode Islanders should not have to go through hours of frustration for a simple transaction. It’s time the DMV becomes a smooth process that works for the people,” said Mayor Fung.