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(Warwick) Today, the Fung for Governor campaign released their latest ad, ‘Secrets’.

The ad highlights the ongoing issues surrounding UHIP and the real reason why Joe Trillo remains in the race. 

“Rather than listening to federal authorities, the Governor thought she knew what was best for Rhode Island and launched a flawed UHIP system. Due to her lack of leadership, many Rhode Islanders are still suffering and will have to pay a considerable amount for years to come for her mistakes,” said Mayor Fung.  

Fung pointed out that the UHIP debacle will cost six times what it would have cost to build a new stadium for the Pawtucket Red Sox. 

It is clear Governor Raimondo is happy to have a third-party candidate in the race who admitted his goal is to take votes away from Fung. It is also clear by her actions that even after eight years in elective office Governor Raimondo cannot run on her record and that is why she has resorted to attacking a city that is continuing to grow and has been named as one of the best cities to live in America.

Rhode Island cannot afford another four years of Gina Raimondo and Allan Fung is the only candidate who can bring change to the state. A vote for anyone else is a vote for four more years of this current incompetence.

The ad will run on broadcast and digital platforms.