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(Kingston) – In her ads and debate performances, the Governor has had a hard time distinguishing fiction from facts. During his time in office, Mayor Fung has added $7 million to the school’s operating budget, $5 million for capital improvements, and has forgiven another 1 million in debt.

As for the school construction bond, Mayor Fung has always been in favor and will be voting yes on Question 1. Mayor Fung would like to see a formula to ensure Little Compton, Westerly and Woonsocket are given the same priority as Providence.

School Safety will be a priority in a Fung administration. He will split the cost with each city and town to fund a school resource officer, or police details, for every sing school. He will also support enabling legislation to allow retired officers and military police to be a part of that force.

Mayor Fung will make the investments to ensure our children have a safe environment learn and grow.