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(Warwick) – We now have the sequel to the disaster that played out in June with unqualified personnel running amuck in Raimondo’s government. In another head-scratcher, the Manager of Project Management at RI DOT, who makes over $135,000 a year, has no engineering experience at all. In fact, prior to being moved to the DOT, Lori Fisette was a House budget analyst, focusing on the Department of Health and the Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Is it any shock with unqualified people at the top, that these planning debacles like the Viaduct South traffic disaster, the 195W #GinaJam, and the 95 Splitsville debacle that had people backing up on the interstate, keep happening? Why do people who have no qualifications for these positions, keep getting these top jobs under Governor Raimondo? What do you have to do to get fired from the Raimondo administration?

Add DOT to the long list of RI agencies that need to be fully reformed by someone outside of Smith Hill, like Mayor Fung.