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(Cranston) – It’s not enough that several of her political friends have cost the state dearly after being in over their heads during the past three years of her administration, but now Governor Raimondo is actually hiring more people who have proven to be wildly incompetent in their past roles for positions within the Commerce Corporation.

Joseph Riccio, a former director of the Bridgeport Port Authority, was just welcomed with open arms by Governor Raimondo and Stefan Pryor into a $125,000 golden ticket job.  Riccio was chased out of his role for lavish, unauthorized spending on clients with little economic activity coming into the Port.

Rhode Island’s new “senior development advisor” at Commerce joins a crew that can’t shoot straight.  Secretary Pryor has been at the helm during the internationally mocked “Cooler and Warmer” tourism, the closure of manufacturer Alexion a year after it was heralded by Raimondo as the future of Rhode Island, and most recently, the departure of Amazon distributor Pinnacle for downtrodden Connecticut.

“Just two weeks ago, Governor Raimondo blamed the culture around her administration for the incompetence of her administration, and with this latest hire shows she doesn’t have the political will to shake things up,” said Mayor Fung.  “Perhaps in his new six-figure role, Mr. Riccio could at least teach his new colleagues at Commerce to ensure that “Burrillville” is spelled correctly on tourism videos.”