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(Cranston) – With yesterday’s news that a Chief Legal Counsel at RIDE is exiting stage left after it came to light she wasn’t a member of the RI Bar, and that another one of her EOHHS lawyers was off the master list of attorneys for nearly two years before resigning, we look back at even more of Raimondo’s hand picked EOHHS team who were completely unqualified for very important positions.

Raimondo appointed Jamia McDonald to run DCYF, but since she didn’t have the required degree in social work or related fields as required by law, the Governor gave her a newly created job title to get around the requirement. The department was in complete disarray for her 24 month stint, during a time where 19 children died.

Raimondo also appointed Melba Depena-Affigne, to run DHS & oversee the UHIP system implementation. Her qualifications included being the Raimondo campaign’s Latino outreach coordinator and the former executive director of the RI Democratic Party. She had no background in large IT transition operations or, say, anything to do with the provision of human service programs.

Ryan Wolfe – a former manager at Yankee Candle before becoming Jamia McDonald’s assistant at another agency – was put in charge of operations management at DCYF. And a former EMA spokesman – Denis Riel – was named Senior Advisor and put in charge of training at DCYF after they decided to terminate a long-standing program with Rhode Island College, known for their social work programs.

“Raimondo’s extensive record of hiring completely unqualified friends for very important positions demonstrates her willingness to sell out the safety of Rhode Islanders. Rhode Islanders have had enough of this insanity” said Mayor Fung.