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(Cranston) – In light of Monday’s developments with the latest Raimondo administration debacle, Mayor Fung is calling upon the state to immediately initiate two major reforms.

Every state agency needs to audit the lawyers in their purview to ensure they are in compliance with state practice requirements. How a lawyer – who skipped his continuing education requirement for twelve years and was removed from the master list of attorneys – was assigned to a case of this importance, is beyond any reasonable person’s imagination. Additionally, internal controls need to be established so that lawyers must provide evidence that they are in compliance with all state requirements, annually.

It has also become clear that the idea of a super agency under a single EOHHS director is not working. From UHIP debacles, to DCYF dysfunction, to #LateGate, the taxpayers are being poorly served by this patronage directorship position. Mayor Fung wants to blow the super-agency up, and return to the previous structure that had each department director reporting directly to the Governor. This will allow for more hands on involvement by the Governor and increased accountability.

“In contrast to the Governor’s deflection of responsibility and poor handling of yet another scandal, I want to put in clear action plans to reform the failing system and prevent the taxpayers from being abused again” said Mayor Fung.