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(Cranston) – People know when a culture of corruption encircles an enterprise. Today we go back to Gina Raimondo’s last launch for Governor and examine those she chose to be right by her side.

As the photos show, to her immediate right is Kevin Jackson, the first recalled councilman in Providence’s history. He is currently awaiting trial for embezzling over $125,000 from an inner city youth sports team. To Raimondo’s immediate left is Luis Aponte, who has been indicted on felony charges of embezzlement and personal use of campaign finance funds. He was forced to resign as City Council President, but remains on the council.

Now that the Governor has announced she’s running for re-election – foreshadowed by a shakedown “campaign breakfast” last week – we would like to warn those who are corrupt and profiting off her “leadership” NOT to stand next to her at her events. Law enforcement is likely watching.