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(Cranston) – According to the Providence Journal, at a recent campaign meeting of Raimondo financial bundlers, DNC National Committeeman & Raimondo ally Joe Paolino straight out suggested a quid pro quo to her former director of legislative affairs, “You’re in the private sector now.  You have private clients who want state work.” Other CEOs were singled out as well.

This type of blatant corruption, selling access and contracts to campaign donors, has long been rumored to be par for the course with the Raimondo machine, and is now brazenly out in the open.  It’s appalling & puts it out there for the whole nation to see that Rhode Island can be bought.

“Today I’m calling on Governor Raimondo to disclose the names of all of those in attendance at this meeting, so that they can be asked if they have been pressured to enter into a quid pro quo agreement that will financially benefit the Governor’s campaign,” said Mayor Fung.  “Furthermore, given the cloud of corruption now hanging over her office, I call on her not to accept campaign donations from employees of any state vendor, or their family members, for the rest of the campaign.”

Rhode Islanders have had enough of this type of status quo corruption up at Smith Hill.  It will take an outsider like Mayor Fung to overhaul the way state government operates.