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If the election was held today, Allan Fung would be Rhode Island’s next governor!

At his announcement just a few weeks ago, Rhode Islanders packed the rally space at Chapel View. In the three weeks since we’ve launched our campaign for governor, the outpouring of support has been incredible.

Now, we’re excited to announce that your enthusiasm is shared statewide – a new poll just released shows us with a 5-point lead over Governor Gina Raimondo: 46-41.

These numbers are proof that the people of Rhode Island are ready for change, and are rallying behind our growing campaign. Rhode Islanders are ready for something better. Ready to have the same opportunities afforded to them that were available to generations of Rhode Islanders before them. Ready to turn a dream of what the Ocean State could and should be into a reality for the families of today and tomorrow.

Additionally, the poll shows us leading a three-way primary by over 20 points! After over a decade’s worth of dedication and common sense leadership as mayor of Cranston, the work of he has put in is paying off. Allan fights for the residents he serves, showcased by Cranston’s consistent ranking as one of the Top 50 Cities to Live in America. His record as mayor is clear, whether it’s ensuring that the City of Cranston maintains the largest rainy day fund of any municipality in the state, improving the quality and infrastructure of public education, leading a nationally recognized library system, or ushering in dozens of new businesses and thousands of jobs to the city, Allan has always put the needs of the taxpayers he serves first!

We know there’s still a long way to go until November 2018, ad we need your help to get there. One thing we know for certain, Rhode Island is ready for better leadership on Smith Hill, and Allan Fung is up to the task. Be a part of history with Team Fung in 2018, and beyond.

Click the link for the full polling MEMO